Security Guarantee

Your information, spending habits, name, address, phone number - will never ever be transferred to another party under any circumstances. We do not sell, trade, or share our customers' personal information under any circumstances.

You will also appreciate that our web site and shopping cart are served on an encrypted, secure server. You'll notice the shopping experience occurs with URL's beginning with and this means that no one can see what information you're entering.  You have our word on it.

Important: Orders placed by fax or phone are not protected under our credit card security warranty for the simple reason that without the invoicing and receiptwork generated by the web site, we (and you) have no way of proving or disproving whether any fraud-claim would be valid, or perhaps criminally opportunistic. For example: "My credit card got ripped off after I gave the number and details to Joe over the phone!" (Yeah, how can we [or you] verify that?) We apologize for the strictness of this policy.