Vortex Model #500 Cone 20-1/2 for 1,500 Gallon Ponds, Pump GPH 950



$ 395.00

We custom manufacture and weld our own filter systems. This custom welding does not cost any more than off the shelf (one shoe fits all).  Because of this we cna modify the diamater of the inlet and outlet ports and have multiple bottom drain inlets to thevortex.

Our Vortex filters are rotationally molded, medium density polyethelyne.  This material will literally last a lifetime  If filled with water and allowed to freeze, it will not crack or craze as other polyethelyne or fiber glass constructed might.  The only tool aside from a shovel required to install our filter systems is a simple nut driver.

Vortex Cones are simply conical chambers in which water swirls around and allows solid materials to settle out. This is discharged via a valve at the bottom of the cone.

Vortexes - They are large conical chambers which are put in place to allow water from fish ponds to swirl allowing solid wastes to drop to the bottom by gravity. Sometimes they are full of bags of bioflo media. However you set them up, they occur in different sizes and all of them must be customized. Note in the image how there are inlets and outlets. You need to tell us how you want those inlets and outlets to go.  Easy To Install. The last vortex system you will ever need.

Shown in the photos to the left is a standard "in-line" triple.  This can be geninied for very large ponds. Also shown is our quad for large ponds. They're easy to combine and take apart. They attach via PVC and standard Fernco fittings. All of this is best installed inground at the same elevation as the pond, making it very easy to hide.

The 500 Series cone is 20-1/2 inches in diameter and 25-1/2 inches deep.
The 750 Series cone is 30 inches in diameter and 36 inches deep.                                                                    

These Vortex cones are made of thick, creamy polyethylene and WILL NOT rupture in winter. Harder, thinner materials will not "give" when frozen and will rupture.