UV Sterilizers Stainless Steel




Send us a photo of your pond, and receive $100.00 off our EP-5 & EP-10 Stainless Steel Series and $125.00 off our EP-20 & EP-40 Stainless Steel Series.

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Stainless steel construction and high intensity output make this the most effective, algae-killingest machine you can buy for your koi pond, pool or spa!

    Electronic Ballast
    8' All Weather Cord
    Built In Pressure Gauge.

You can tell it from all the rest by its huge six inch barrel. Bright and durable stainless steel construction portend a long service-life. In use on the professional pond now, these are super performers. They're indicated for large ponds. Bio UV pioneered the large chamber design and the stainless construction.

A large chamber allows more water movement - but this large water flow would defeat a normal-intensity bulb. The EP series UV's use a high intensity bulb. Best of all, when it comes time for bulb changing, it's just one bulb. And we stock these replacement bulbs. These are all plumbed onto two inch systems and run on 110V service.

One bulb does the work of several in the competitors models. Improvements in design each year ensure this is the cloests thing you can get to a perfect UV.

UV Sterilizers Stainless Steel EP-10 $1195.00

UV Sterilizers Stainless Steel EP-20 $1325.00

UV Sterilizers Stainless Steel EP-40 $1575.00

UV Sterilizers Stainless Steel EP-5 $995.00

: Please call for pricing (631)-643-3500.