Sweet Heart Complete Package



$ 189.95

There has never been a complete filter package as effective or as affordable as this.This little beauty is a super performer and a great value. All you need is a pump to push water to the small barb on the side, you can make it out in the image above.

The water flows through the barb into the filter and out over the media through a piece of PVC which has a gazillion holes in it. The water passes through the white Japanese matting and then a circular disc of black reticulated open cell foam. Then it trickles over a 200 square feet of BioFlo.

Water then returns from this filter via a gate valved 2" piece of PVC.

Separately, this filter would cost you $150 to make, but here you get the entire filter, built, for less than the materials.

This filter will easily handle ponds up to 300 gallons. By increasing flows and feeding moderately, we could see 600 gallons easy from this tidy little performer.

This filter combines the simplicity of a sponge filter with the efficiency of a trickle tower.  Can be used with UV if you plumb the UV before the filter.