Sho Koi Gold




Sho Koi food is the industry leader for health producing, color promoting food with cost effective pricing!

Since it's release, Sho Koi with Aquagen it has set records as far as reasonable price, good performance, rapid fish growth, enhanced color and reduced fish wastes and still remains the best value, and best performing fish food you can find. Enriched with two color enhancers and Optimun immune support refined from Saccharomyces yeast. This is advanced nutrition at a back to basics price. 

Aquagen is not a vitamin or mineral.  it is an imminuo - stimulant.  It stimulates the Koi's immune system, so they have a much higher tolerance to bacterial infections.

Sho Koi Ultra 2lb 2.6mm pellet $18.95

Sho Koi Ultra 2lb 4mm pellet $18.95

Sho Koi Ultra 4lb 2.6mm pellet $35.95

Sho Koi Ultra 4lb 4mm pellet $35.95

Sho Koi Ultra 10lb 2.6mm pellets $59.95

Sho Koi Ultra 10lb 4mm pellet $59.95

Sho Koi Gold 1.5lb Bottle $16.95

: Please call for pricing (631)-643-3500.