PS 500 Complete Kit



$ 894.99

The PS 500 Complete Package is the filter, the Vortex cone, all the media. Pictured with bottom drain which is not included in price.

The PS500 incorporates the PondSider filter and a Series 500 Vortex cone. Ideally, the filter would be supplied by gravity to the 350 Series Vortex, then a pump would take off from there to supply the PondSider filter. Water enters the pondsider via a spraybar for even distribution and then trickles down through several layers of media and over 200 sq ft. BioFlo. Then back to the pond. The PS500 kit comes with all the valves, covers, Pondsider filter, pads, BioFlo media and Vortex.

PS750 is available for Koi ponds from 2000 to 2500 gallons.

A UV can be added to the system by plumbing it right after the pump. It will work fine despite conventional wisdom that says to have the UV after the filter for best results.

The pondsider is a superb filter which would have 1500 gallons as it's low end capacity.