PondSider (800-1200 gallon pond) 18



$ 475.00

This is a decade old product proving itself year after year. It's low tech, but a super peformer and will carry lots of fish and deliver very clear water. Easy to clean.

For Filtration of Quarantene Tanks - Koi Ponds to 800 Gallons - Combined with Model #500 vortex for koi ponds to 1500 gallons or water gardens to 2000 gallons - combined with model #850 vortex for koi ponds to 2200 gallons or water gardens to 3500 gallons. COMES COMPLETE WITH PURGE VALVE & ALL BIO & FILTER MEDIA. <

The earliest incarnations of this filter operated on Dr. Erik Johnson's ponds. The idea was to combine the polishing of a sponge filter with the enormous nitrogen reduction of a trickle tower and the PondSider was born.

The PondSider is 18" x 18" x 31" and sets on the side of the pond or can be obscured by plants and other decor. The PondSider returns to the pond via a 2" PVC feedline with a 2" gate valve in it.

Water flows in the top of the PondSider via a 4" fitting and then runs down through several layers of ROCF (reticulated Open Cell Foam) and then through 200 square feet of Bio Flo media. Back to the pond.

The PondSider kit comes complete with the filter, filter media, cover, BioFlo, and Valve. (Pump sold separately)

This filter is amply capable of cleaning and clarifying ponds up to 1200 gallons. The protoype PondSider carried a 1200 gallon pond with 45 pounds of fish at the residence of Dr. Erik Johnson. This is the largest and best filter you can buy for less than $500

Box is made of sleek polyethylene and will not crack or burst when freezing.  These units return to the pond via gravity.