No Niche Skimmer Includes Bulk Head w/ Poly Washers



$ 140.00

Here's a skimmer package which will keep the pond surface clear of debris and the fish can't scuff themselves up because there are no edges!

The no niche skimmer complete package comes with the skimmer itself and the floating wier. This auto adjusts up to four inches either up or down to make sure it's pulling the optimum eighth of an inch of surface water from the pond.

There's a skimmer basket that drops into the skimmer to stop leaves, small fish and other large debris and it's easy to pop out and empty.

There's a bulkhead to go through the pond wall, including bulkhead washers for professional installation.

Finally, you'll notice there's a white barb fitting that you can attach a hose to, in case you wanted to vacuum the pond from the skimmer intake. It's easy to use.

The no niche skimmer keeps the pond surface clear of debris and leaves, making filter maintenance easier.