How to Build a Pond DVD



$ 35.00

Since 1961 Bob Bon Giorno, one of the countries leading pond authorities, dispels the myths and fallacies in pond construction. This DVD reveals the experts\\\' secrets and is guaranteed to save you hundreds of hours and dollars in construction and maintaining your pond.

Bob details the difference between water gardens and koi ponds. The proper way to filter your pond is discussed, so you can have a crystal clear pond from day one, instead of a pea green pool.

The proper way to locate and size a pond is illustrated. Construction techniques and filter placement are shown. Bob shows you STEP-BY-STEP how to properly install a bottom drain, skimmers, pump, bulkheads, and winter returns. You will learn how to connect your pond and filter system properly. The expert shares his trade plumbing secrets, and shows how to make connections and prevent air locks. The instructional DVD details:

  • A functional pond being constructed to show you step by step everything you need to know.
  • The mechanics of the filter are revealed, and Suburban\\\'s professional installers show the best way to plumb their biological filter system. 
  • You will learn the benefits of a bog and why you shouldn\\\'t have a plant ledge.

This is a must have DVD for anyone considering constructing a pond, or having a pond installed. After viewing this DVD, you will learn how to build a pond or how to determine if the installers you have hired know how to construct and stall a pond correctly. Worth its weight in gold if you\\\'re considering a pond. Even if you don\\\'t plan to do the work, you\\\'ll be able to tell if the installers you\\\'ve hired know what they\\\'re doing BEFORE they start digging, and costing you money.