BioFlo Media (Polyethylene Ribbon) 180 sq inches per 1 box



$ 49.99

BioFlo filter media is a 3.5 pound box of easy to care for ribbon media which presents over 200 square foot of media for the colonization of beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

There are many factors one should consider in selecting a filter media for a pond application. Especially, when your precious koi are at stake. Koi and other ornamental fish are best enjoyed if they are kept in clear water. Good water quality is vital to maintaining the health of the fish. The waste products are easily removed and made harmless by a biological filtration system. Generally, the material characteristics of a particular media are appropriate for either a mechanical or biological application, but not ideal for both. We are pleased to introduce you to the Bio-Flo Filter Medium which is an exception to this experience.  Bio-Flo is made from polypropylene and calcium carbonate in the form of a narrow ribbon.

Each box contains a tightly wound roll which you unwind into the filter's media chamber. It is adaptable to any filter size or shape, and it is economical, durabile, light-weight, non-clogging and it's volume density ratio is adjustable by compression. It can be used in a new filter application or in an existing pond filter. And, the resulting filter needs only to be a fraction of the size if using other types of media. In practice Bio-Flo is virtually uncloggable! That's why we use Bio-Flo on all our ponds. Bio-Flo Filters is also the FIRST "American" made biological pond filter media to be exported to Japan. Our customers love it! Try it and see, if you don't currently use Bio-Flo then you are working too hard for a crystal clear pond.

BIO-FLO biological media (per box)                             Bio Series              Number of boxes needed for filter
Boxes sold seperately                                                         3500 series             6-10 boxes
Very Cost Effective                                                              2500 series             4-5 boxes
Cost $49.99 per box                                                           750 series                2.5-3 boxes
Surface area approx. 200 sq ft                                          500 series               1.5-2 boxes
Weight 3.5 lbs per box.                                                       350 series               1-1.5 boxes