Automatic Float Switch (Pond Leveller)



$ 47.50

You know when it rains a lot and the pond gets too full? This takes care of that problem. The float switch simply pumps off excess water. That blue thing in the picture is a pen to show the relative size of the unit. This unit at this price does not include a pump! What you get is a unit which contains a switch inside. When the pond water level gets too high, this unit will activate a pump plugged into the outlet. Your pump will pump water until the float switch shuts it off, at the correct level.

Durable, and built for a very long service life. This unit itself can get rained on, but the plug in union with your pump probably should be rubbertaped.Pumps excess water from tanksAfter it's initial adjustment which might take fifteen minutes, we have found these to be extremely reliable.