Pond Cover Net




You can buy cheap "bird netting" anywhere and hope it doesn't get torn, or cut your fish.  What we are offering is a very high quality small mesh pond net.  Our first pond net has never been replaced and has been used yearly and continuously since 1969.  When used with a pond pillow, the net will “tent” over the pond not allowing debris, even a tenth of an inch in diameter will pass through.  Most debris (leaves etc.) will simply blow off reducing maintenance to near zero.  This very close tight netting allows for 100% visibility.  It can be custom manufactured to any size or shape.  They come manufactured with very heavy binding and brass grommets for easy installation and removal.  Even the largest of these nets, are easily installed because of their light weight.  They can also be sued, in season, to protect our Koi and ponds from predator Herrings and Eggerts.

These pond and tank covers are available in custom dimensions. Use our fax order form to send details about what you want and you can get a quote. Fax to 631-643-3399

Note the heavy edge finish and the brass grommets. These are durable. Shown, is a custom round cover. We have stock sizes in rectangular and square dimensions.

Durable with heavy edging and brass grommets.

These covers are not designed for people to walk on.

12ft x 12ft Pond Cover Net $119.95

12ft x 20ft Pond Cover Net $159.95

15ft x 25ft Pond Cover Net $229.95

20ft x 30ft Pond Cover Net $349.95

8ft x 12ft Pond Cover Net $99.95

: Please call for pricing (631)-643-3500.