Flex PVC




 (Yes, this stuff ROCKS!) That's why it's in all capital letters. This is the durable, easy to cut and work with flexible PVC. This is the durable, easy to cut and work with flexible PVC. It's almost impossible to kink, it does everything that vinyl tubing can do, but best of all, it will glue like PVC into your work, (deep socket fittings only).

If you're trying to attach this to something with a short union (not a deep socket) you should get a double female deep socket union and then glue the "flex" to the deep socket union. Then, attach the deep socket union to some hard PVC and then unite the hard PVC with the shallow socket fitting. Examples of shallow socket fittings are non-pressure elbows like they use for sink-drains. Ask your Home Depot dude for help with the hard PVC but he won't have this cool, Flex stuff.

We won't promise color. If you get white, or any other color than black, you should be aware that you can paint this stuff and it holds it's color once painted. Additionally, painting PVC is a good idea because over the years, the sun can stiffen PVC or cause it to fail.

We will supply this in the longest uncut dimension we can. You will be contacted with shipping details if it's a large roll of 2" Flex for example, some trucking arrangements will have to be made. Cost of shipping a whole roll of this larger Flex PVC may alter pricing on shipping but you will be alerted.

2" (LIN.FT.) WHITE $3.00

1-1/2" BLACK $3.00

2" (LIN.FT.) BLACK $4.00

3" FLEX $8.50

4" FLEX $12.50

1-1/2 WHITE $2.00

: Please call for pricing (631)-643-3500.