Polyethylene Pipe




Polyethylene pipe is made of the same durable and slightly flexible material the Vortex chambers are.

You can buy this by the linear foot. Simply adjust the quantity when ordering. We will supply this is in the longest shippable dimensions. Therefore, do not expect that if you order forty feet of the pipe, it will come in a very long forty foot box. Ten foot sections if needed, could be coupled with Fernco unions.

2" Diam. PE Pipe x 1ft $3.99

3" Diam. PE Pipe x 1ft $5.99

4" Diam. PE Pipe x 1ft $7.99

6" Diam. PE Pipe x 1ft $11.99

1-1/2" Diam. PE Pipe x 1 Foot $2.99

: Please call for pricing (631)-643-3500.